Korean-English Interlinear

Designed for learning Korean with any text you want, this program generates crude literal/direct/word-for-word English translations underneath Korean text (interlinear). This offers insights into the language that full-sentence translation obscures. It supplies extra contextual information in clickable pop-up boxes. The generated pages are self-contained files ideal for saving for offline reading.

As it uses simple public dictionary look-ups, the translations and grammar hints are only possibilities. The parts of speech highlighting of nouns, verbs, etc. is not always accurate either, so don't trust this automatic tool completely. Also, please advise me of any offensive content in these dictionaries so I can filter it out.

Korean Texts

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Korean Through Folktales has text at different reading levels.
Here is the Korean National Anthem.
Here is a collection of folktales you might want to read.

More Information

Check out the github page for more technical information on the program. See footer for license and disclaimer.

Generated from user-provided content automatically by: Korean-English Interlinear Generator. Software copyright ©2020 by Dan Clegg, released under GNU General Public License v3.0. No rights are claimed on the generated interlinear plain text, some are held by authors of packages such as KEngDic. No responsibility taken for contents of such dictionaries, for output, or for supplied input. See source files for more. No liability assumed for use of this program or output, see licence at link above. By supplying content user agrees they hold appropriate copyright to do so.